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Tractors and Tattoos or... Tractoos

por Courtney Danielson

It's important to note that many people get tattoo's w/ significance and many don't.  I choose my first tattoo based on it's beauty and it's random role in my life this far. 

For many years now I've experimented w/ my hair color, length, w/ different piercings, and obviously my unique style of dress.  All of these things were at one point to brandish me as unique and outrageous.  Now however I have let the stereotypes go and I do things for my benefit or on occasion I will dress for others.  But that's usually just to look like a respectable girlfriend or daughter.  Once you actually get past the physical it doesn't matter if one has 10mm holes in their ears or not.  People are inherently good and life tends to put them down a path of nice or mean, happy or sad get my point.

Well....I've been waiting a very very long time to get a tattoo - I am 25 and most people I know got inked up as teenagers and now regret these rash decisions they were allowed to make.  I have been pondering what kind of tattoo I wanted for many moons now and I finally landed on the perfect meld of hard and soft, sweet and sour.  I choose to get a tatt w/ significance for me and it looks pretty bad ass too!

Now.....If you were asked about tractor brands I bet most people would only have one come to mind.  John Deere.  The Green machines.  When actually if you grew up in a farm community you might realize that many different farmers have many different colored machines - and...yes - Most are green - but....some are red: as in Farm alls and Case, Some are Red and Golden - Again the new Case colors.  There you've got the Red bodies w/ the White cabs - those are Internationals and I believe they were originally Massey’s??  Not sure.  Oh...and there are also fords and I'm sure I'm leaving out many but you get my point.

In my family we had a Deere for the field - our Combine was also a Deere - But we had another tractor that was much older and more easily trusted in the hands of children.  Yes...that's right - Children.  In Minnesota you can drive a tractor w/out a license at the age of 10.  Believe me - I had many a fantasy of driving into town on my dad's tractor to "hang" with my friends. top speeds of about 20 mph - this "drive" would have taken me about three hours??  So....Back to the Case.  I rarely had any friends come over and play as a kid - Both my parents worked so the house was always in disarray, so that was the excuse used most often when saying No.

One magical day however my dad let a friend of mine come over and b/c he was a “town kid” my dad let him drive the tractor – the Case Tractor!  I thought it was Soooooooo freakin rad of my dad to make me seem so cool to Mark.  Mark had never driven a tractor and I had barely ever had friends over – w/out my mom’s permission too! 

This isn't our Case - but it's similar - The coloring is spot on.

So…..that is the most memorable time w/ the beloved case that my grandpa handed down to my dad when he took over the farm in 76.  Oh….the memories of that Case.  I would ride on the front of it w/ a 2x8 laid over the rock box and My dad and I would go rock picking or I would have the luxury of riding the beans instead of walking them for weeds.   Ahhhh – my story wanders.  The point: I got a Case on my leg – For all of eternity.  And….ain’t nobody gonna see it unless I’m in my swimming suit.  Who did I get the tattoo for – Me!  Why did I get a tractor of all things – B/c it’s totally awesome – b/c I know the difference between a Case and a Deere and a Massey.  Oh....and because I learned to drive one of these before I learned to drive a car!  Plus - it's a great pick-up line!

See for yourself!  I got me a Case-Vac on my leg!

I'll upload more once I get it fully colored in!  Thanks Mars Black!


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"Wonderful story! Great tattoo ... and to think, my dad was horrified when I got my ears pierced."

por Beth Kane